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Professional Drywall Repair Aurora, CO

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    Your drywall can age and break down over time, causing the whole house to look old. Although it is sometimes sections of the drywall, it could also be significant parts that require replacement. At Eastbridge Drywall Repair Service, we offer a comprehensive set of options for your drywall needs.

    We offer drywall installation, painting, drywall repair, home improvement service, etc. If you decide to go with a competent team of experts, feel free to get in touch with us at (303) 353-0936.

    Keep reading for more about what we can offer and why you should choose us for your drywall issues.

    Professional Drywall Repair Service

    There is a wide array of reasons why your drywall may get damaged. Perhaps it’s small holes that begin to pop up around the edges or because of plumbing repair issues around the wall. Sometimes, it might have to do with moving furniture around your room. Larger holes might also start to appear when work is being done within the house.

    Regardless of what the reason might be, take care of the repair as soon as possible. We are well-equipped to help with the entire replacement process and patching based on what your drywall needs. We always ensure that it looks brand-new when our team is done.

    It doesn’t matter what the reason is, it is important to take care of the repair immediately. We are well-equipped to assist with the replacement process and/or patching depending on what your drywall requires. We will make sure it looks brand-new by the time our team is done.

    Our Services

    We provide a number of services for basements, drywall, and painting your house or office. You might need some help around hour home when it comes to fixing issues or generally restoring the room’s appearance. Below is a detailed look into some of the services we offer.

    Drywall Repair Aurora CO

    Drywall Repair

    As previously stated, the drywall may be easily damaged. So, when it occurs, you’ll need your drywall repair in Aurora, CO, done promptly, regardless of how huge the damage is. That way, your walls will be restored in great shape, and you will not even notice where the damage was. Undoubtedly, our drywall repair contractors are professionals and can repair drywall damage fast and correctly. They’ll ensure that repaired section blends in with the entire wall. We can take care of small holes made when you mount TVs, photos, or other things to the wall, and bigger holes or drywall that have been ruined by water.

    Drywall Ceiling Repair

    Has your ceiling been damaged? If so, drywall ceiling repair in Aurora, CO, is required to fix it. We typically provide garage ceiling repair and drywall ceiling repair services inside your house or office. It would be prudent to fix the drywall’s underlying issue before it is repaired. Then, we’ll ensure that the drywall is installed correctly and finish it, such that it matches the entire ceiling. After the job is completed, it will be difficult to notice where the damage was. If you choose us to repair your damaged ceiling, you’ll rest assured that it’s done properly and will look great in the end.

    Ceiling Repair Service: Our team is also equipped to provide an all-inclusive ceiling repair solution, such as general installations, patching, and finishing. Despite if it is a tiny crack in the ceiling or another relevant damage, we will ensure that it’s promptly attended to. Our primary objective remains to do a great job and ensure that the problem is resolved with complete professionalism. If you have a ceiling repair job, you should take the time to reach out to us and book a free consultation with our seasoned specialists.

    Drywall Ceiling Repair Aurora CO
    Drywall Installation Aurora CO

    Drywall Installation

    In case you’re adding an addition to the structure, adding a partition between your rooms, or replacing the drywall entirely during a renovation, you’ll require professional drywall installation in Aurora, CO, to get the job done properly. We can also install drywall in your house or office and ensure that it matches the entire building. Taking care of the finishing is also part of our job, ensuring that it will look fantastic and have the right paint color and texture to meet your demands. Let our drywall contractor speak to you about what you are looking for to ensure that the job gets done expertly the first time.

    Basement Waterproofing

    Have you noticed your basement suffering from any water damage? Regardless of if it is just a little amount of water sipping in, basement waterproofing in Aurora is required to help prevent mold and water damage, both of which can cause substantial amounts of damage after a while. After getting rid of any mold and repairing any damage, we can deal with waterproofing basement walls. That means you won’t have to worry again about water damage in the basement. By working with our basement waterproofing contractor, you can discover more about how everything works and how it may help secure everything you got in the basement.

    Basement Waterproofing Aurora CO
    Sheetrock Replacement and Installation Aurora CO

    Sheetrock Replacement and Installation

    Sheetrock may get damaged now and then and there are certain situations when this damage is comprehensive. Since this can be challenging to repair, it simply suggests that it is time to consider a complete replacement. We the sheetrock begins to show its age, we can help with sheetrock installations and/or replacements. We know what will work and what won’t when it comes to restoring your house.

    It doesn’t matter if you want to create a wall between two rooms or adding a new one to your room, we are more than prepared to offer a workable sheetrock installation solution. Generally speaking, sheetrock is challenging to handle by yourselves and it involves an intricate procedure that has to be managed by experts. We are professionals who know how to do the job and will guarantee the results are excellent.


    Have you realized that sound is leaking through the walls now and then? Perhaps you should consider installing thicker drywall to ensure that the home is soundproofed from edge to edge. That makes a significant impact on your quality of life. Our experienced team understands which methods are integral and what works suitably for your particular situation.

    Our team is well-equipped to understand everything involving soundproofing and may help soundproof any section of the house. In case you have a kid playing the drums indoors, it would help to soundproof certain parts of the house so you won’t have to hear those drums every time.

    Room Soundproofing: Are you interested in soundproofing your room? We provide soundproofing in Aurora, CO, and can work in any room in your house. Generally speaking, we’ll deal with the setting up of a soundproofing room for your house by soundproofing walls to ensure that no sound escapes. Despite if you are looking for a way to work on projects without disturbing your neighbors, or you’re looking for a place for your children to learn instruments as you work, this will help.

    Soundproofing​ Aurora CO
    Remove Mold in Aurora CO

    Remove Mold in the House

    Mold is well-known to be a safety hazard within the property and may cause substantial damage to the drywall. If you find mold inside your home, it would be best to act promptly and focus on a professional mold removal solution. Once it begins to grow on the drywall, it may result in significant problems both for the drywall and other materials. In case the damage is severe, it’s possible to consider a full drywall replacement solution to make sure all looks good. Once you notice mold, the first thing to do is to look for high-grade mold remediation. It will ensure that you can fix the issue as soon as possible.

    Removing Mold: Undoubtedly, mold can be harmful and lead to health problems and damage to the house. That’s why we provide mold remediation services in Aurora, CO. Let us deal with getting rid of mold, specifically black mode removal. That way, you will rest assured that you won’t have to worry about falling ill or other disorders from that mold or even the removal process.

    Get Rid of a Popcorn Ceiling

    Although popcorn ceilings have been the industry standard in the past, this has changed recently with more and more individuals venturing in other directions. Although it is possible to progress with a DIY removal with popcorn ceilings, it’s still advised to seek out a trained expert for this specific project. Many homeowners will realize it needs intricate work and needs to be done with the proper tools.

    It might be difficult to deal with this kind of removal by yourself because of the damage it brings to the surrounding areas, such as your ceiling. If you let experts take care of this, you’ll be much safer hands and everything will be managed the proper way. By giving us the chance to assist with the removal process, everything will end up looking the way you’d like it to.

    Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings: Not only are popcorn ceilings outdated, but they might become problematic after a while. In case you want a change with the popcorn ceilings in your house, get in touch with us for popcorn ceiling removal in Aurora, CO, today. We can get rid of the popcorn ceiling from whatever room in your house and paint the popcorn ceiling to restore its good appearance. Let us deal with the removal, and you won’t need to worry about it creating a huge mess in your house.

    Popcorn Ceiling in Aurora CO
    Finishing Services in Aurora CO

    Drywall Finishing Services

    After the drywall has been repaired or installed, it is time to consider the finishing. It will entail a comprehensive list of requirements, such as priming the wall for paint, sanding, and obviously the painting process. When it comes to textured walls, it may be vital to find out how the entire texturing process will be done. Each step is vital including choosing the right painters to finish the task at hand. We’re well-equipped with the relevant skillset to take care of the finishing process and we’ll ensure to customize each drywall’s aspect from end-to-end.

    Some of the additional services our team has to provide include drywall installations, drywall insulation, drywall patching, and ceiling drywall repair. We are skilled contractors with years of expertise when it comes to the management of home improvement & renovation projects.


    Eastbridge Drywall Repair Service is proud to provide a seasoned staff of painters that can offer services such as kitchen painting, interior painting, and exterior painting. Each of our painters has been working in this industry for years and knows how to paint the correct way.

    House Painting: In case you are looking to paint the walls in your house, we can help with any house painting issues in Aurora, CO. We can help with drywall painting or covering the existing colors in whatever room in your house. We could paint one room at a time, or we may paint the entire house, depending on your specific requirements. We may paint the rooms any color of your choice, and even add a different color on a particular wall to have a focal wall if need be. Our house painters have extensive experience in this field, so they’ll ensure that the job is done correctly, and the new colors look fantastic.

    For more info on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get a free estimate by calling (303) 353-0936.

    House Painting in Aurora CO
    Refinish the front door aurora co

    Refinish the Front Door

    Do you need some help with your front door? Whether a new coat of paint is required or there’s some damage, we provide the front door refinishing services in Aurora, CO. Although we can perform exterior door finishing on whatever door that goes to the outside of the house, the front door is usually the most requested door when it comes to refinishing. This is because it is the first thing you see once you arrive at your house. We can take care of door refinishing such that everyone gets a good first impression once they arrive.

    Repair Furniture

    Rather than throwing out your old furniture, we could also help with furniture repair in Aurora, CO. That way, you can keep using it for a long period. We provide both wood furniture repair and leather furniture repair. Therefore, regardless of what the problem is, we’ll ensure that it’s fixed as soon as possible, and you may start using it again. More so, we can take care of antiques and newer furniture such that it will be ready for use in no time.

    Repair Furniture in Aurora CO

    In case you have damage to the furniture or front door, popcorn ceilings you’d like to get rid of, or mold in the house, we can help. Additionally, we can help to soundproof rooms in your house. All of our team is well-experienced and will ensure that the job is done expertly. Call us right away to find out more regarding the available services or to book a time to get something done.

    In case you need assistance with any of these services, our team is prepared to work on your house or office. Call us today for a quote or to find out more about our services.

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    Eastbridge Drywall Repair Service

    After trying multiple drywall services, I almost gave up restoring our drywall ceiling. Eastbridge Drywall service was my last chance and they made me totally satisfied. unlike others, they are very friendly and can see that they are experts. now it looks amazing and safe too. Clear cost. keep up the good work!

    Eastbridge Drywall Repair Service

    Good service! Know exactly what customer needs. told the cost before the job was started. a professional who helped from Eastbridge drywall service was fantastic and explained everything before doing it. will definitely use this service again. absolutely beautiful drywall works! highly recommended.