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Refinishing Your Front Door

Refinish the front door aurora co

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    Generally, the front door might be the first thing people recognize when they show up at your home. Although it looks fantastic at the start, it’s exposed to the elements after a while. This means you might need front door refinishing in Aurora at some point. In case there’s any damage to your front door, the wood seems like it’s cloudy, or the paint is beginning to dull, we can help resolve it and make it look great again. We deal with various types of front doors; therefore, we can refinish yours as soon as possible.

    Refinish or Replace?

    In most cases, the big decision is if to replace the front door or to opt for exterior door refinishing. It boils down to price and personal preference. In case the door is badly ruined, replacement may be easier. In case it contains some missing paint or requires otherwise significantly minor repairs to return it in its best condition, refinishing may be better. Despite if the damage seems substantial, get a quote. Since refinishing may be a lot affordable, that should give you a better idea if to refinish or replace. Generally, the only times to opt for replacement could be when you want a different kind of door or if the damage is quite extensive such that replacement might be around a similar cost to repair.

    More Than Simply a Coat of Paint

    Typically, refinishing isn’t simply a coat of new paint, but the front door may be painted. More so, refinishing may also include replacing the hardware, sanding off the old paint, resolving any damage to the door, so that it works properly again. If you get a quote for repair and refinishing, speak to the expert about your actual concerns and what requires to be resolved. In case the only wrong thing is if the paint is dull or peeling, simply repainting may be all that’s required.

    Let the Pros Do the Job

    When it comes down to door refinishing, leaving it in the hands of pros might be a good idea. It might be more complicated than simply adding a fresh coat of paint on top of the existing paint because the door faces the outside. If the paint is peeling, you will have to get rid of it. The door will also have to be sanded to allow a smooth surface again. Next, new paint requires to be applied properly to prevent streaks or other problems. After everything is completed, the door requires to be rehung, and the hardware requires to be placed back on.

    In case your front door seems like it might use some attention and care, exterior door refinishing may be required. It may involve small repairs and repainting the entire door as well to get it to look fantastic again. Remember, this is your home’s entrance and a part everyone will notice. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that it looks stunning. Call us now to get your door refinished or schedule a quote.


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